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About Us

At SoCal Imaging and Open MRI, we have been providing the Southern California community with medical imaging services for over a decade. Whether you are in need of Ultrasounds or X-Rays, our staff is ready to assist you with everything you need for your treating physician to gauge your situation and deliver a diagnosis. We know how trying these situations can be, which is why we make sure to give you the outstanding and comforting imaging practices that deliver high-quality results that you deserve.

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We at SoCal Imaging & Open MRI take pride in having an experienced team of radiology and imaging specialists…

open mri icon Open MRI

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is a non-invasive process used by doctors to scan internal organs and tissues of the human body and capture high-quality images for…

x rays icon X-Rays

As you probably know, X-Rays are a very common form of medical diagnostic imagery, which consists of the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in order to produce an image of the…

ultrasound icon Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds refer to the diagnostic imaging technique in which images of the internal body structures are obtained via sound waves at high frequencies. While commonly associated with…

Why Choose SoCal Imaging?

Our first priority when welcoming new and old patients into our facility is to make sure they feel at home with us. As active members of our community, we don’t just see ourselves as people you contract for X-Ray imagery. We consider ourselves your neighbors, which is why we make an effort to provide you with outstanding services that make you feel comfortable and at peace all the way through. With just how stressful medical diagnostic testing can be, we are not looking to make it any worse for you. On the contrary, we want this to be a positive experience regardless of how trying the rest of the treatment or process can be.

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