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Ultrasounds refer to the diagnostic imaging technique in which images of the internal body structures are obtained via sound waves at high frequencies. While commonly associated with pregnancies, during which ultrasounds are observed and assessed the fetus, it is also useful when it comes to examining tendons, joints, muscles, blood vessels, internal organs, and other structures. The main purpose of ultrasounds outside of pregnancies is to find the source of a disease or to determine pathologies.

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How Does an Ultrasound Work?

Like the name implies, Ultrasounds uses sound waves in order to develop an image. The process consists of emitting sound waves with high frequencies, much higher than those audible to humans, which are pulsed into the targeted tissue with a probe. The ultrasound pulses then echo off tissues depending on their reflection properties and then recorded and translated into a readable image.

There are different kinds of displayed ultrasound images. The most common ones, B-mode images, display a two-dimensional cross-section of tissue by way of acoustic impedance. Other types of ultrasounds can show motion of tissue over time, blood flow, the location of blood, the stiffness of tissue, three-dimensional anatomy of a specific structure, or the presence of certain molecules.

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Ultrasounds vs Other Forms of Imaging

There are several advantages that make ultrasounds stand out among other forms of interior imaging. First and foremost, the method is very practical. Ultrasound machines are portable, particularly when it comes to bed-ridden patients, as well as immediate, for ultrasounds can provide real-time images. The technique makes no use of ionizing radiation, which is present in other forms of diagnostic imaging and can be potentially harmful to the body.  As far as the financial aspect goes, it has a lower cost than other imaging methods.

However, it is also good to know that ultrasounds do have their drawbacks, which starts with the limits they have as far as their field of view goes. There is also difficulty when it comes to imaging air, gases, or structures behind bone.

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Ultrasound Imaging and More

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