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As you probably know, X-Rays are a very common form of medical diagnostic imagery, which consists of the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in order to produce an image of the internal view of a body structure.

Since this imaging technique can make some people nervous or anxious, we at SoCal Imaging & Open MRI want to make sure that all of our patients receive attentive, thoughtful care and are therefore guided through this process in the most convenient and comfortable manner. We want to provide our patients with a caring and suitable approach to medical diagnostic imagery.

How Do X-Rays Work?

X-Rays are used in order to create high-quality images that differentiate between the many substances the body is made of. Using both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, the treating professional can reveal the internal structure of the body in a way that can create defined images of the various substances in question. They do so by emitting a beam of X-Rays from a generator that projects them onto the subject. Behind them there is a receptor that captures the X-Rays that pass through the subject. The resulting image will use the amount of radiation captured in order to develop a clear view of the intended structure.

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Uses of X-Ray Imagery

However, there are certain circumstances under which a patient might be unable to obtain an MRI scan. For example, if they have any insulin pumps, loop recorders, shrapnel fragments, metal plates, cochlear implants, or any other sort of metal content within their body, patients shouldn’t really undergo MRI imaging. The use of magnetism in the process might compromise said metal artifacts and have an unintended reaction. This means that in order to obtain internal images, patients with permanent or semi-permanent metal implants will have to recur to a different method.

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